My front yard was a horrible mess.  I had just moved in and I called them for help. EMERGENCY YARD!   Yes, my yard was diagnosed as very sick.  Tripp helped me plan for recovery, and suggested the "Get Well" program.  I simply loved it, and was ready to enjoy my home and be proud.  The young men that did the work were courteous and professional.  I had many questions, and never hesitated to answer any question I had. 

Tripp told me about [Merideth], who later came and help me choose beautiful flowers for my front yard, then at a later date, my flowers were planted and they are still simply beautiful. Tripp, Josh, [Merideth] and all the other names I can't remember, are wonderful in helping you plan and implement a beautiful scenery. They work hard and all always professional.  It was a great first time landscaping experience.  They will work with you in all areas.  During the process, I have learned so much from them all.  I find my self on the internet investigation landscaping and grass, and seed information.

This past week, a very courteous young man, whose name has escaped my memory, came to do new grass seeding, and he, too, was so informative about watering schedules, and general upkeep.  I LOVE NEW GARDEN! They are both landscapers, and teachers.  I highly recommend them to everyone.  I can't imagine using anyone else.  Even if I have to save for a year.:)