He and New Garden were exactly who we wanted to do business with

I am from Wisconsin and met Jim Keen on a plane about a year ago. As a result of our conversation I visited New Garden Landscape and Nursery as I had a little bit of time on my hands. I come from a family with an extensive botanical background so am generally a bit jaded with many of the nurseries and garden centers I've seen. I was extremely impressed with what I saw, and with Jim's extensive knowledge. I was further impressed with the amount of time he spent with me as he wasn't likely to convert me to a customer since I live in Wisconsin. As a result of his knowledge and southern hospitality, I recently contacted Jim and asked him to help us with an extensive project we are about to undertake in Wisconsin. He laughed and asked if we didn't want to use someone more local. I said we didn't , as I remembered how well he had treated me when I was nothing but an out of state "tire kicker". We feel if he was that gracious and knowledgeable and accommodating to a mere tire kicker, that he and New Garden were exactly who we wanted to do business with.

-Ellen D via Yelp!

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