I LOVE New Garden! From the Plants to the Design Center

I LOVE New Garden!  From the Plants to the Design Center.   I've had their professional assistance designing both front and backyards over a 3 year period.  If I even preferred a different plant then they suggested, there was never an issue of ordering what I wanted.   Each crew that came out to install everything was very professional and were willing to answer every question I had about each plants care.  To some companies, they would tell you to leave them alone as they worked, but not New Garden.   No matter what time of year I go into the Garden Center, someone knowledgeable helps me with all my needs.  And if they don't know, someone if within Walkie-Talkie distance!!   
 If New Garden doesn't have something I may need they will send me to someone they trust who does.  But this is rarely needed.  

-Julie O. via Yelp!

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