4 Reasons to Plant your Pansies Early

Flats of pansies waiting to be planted in fall

Flats of pansies waiting to be planted in fall

Don’t wait until your summer annuals give up the ghost to plant your fall pansies! Make the switch in September—early October at the latest—to get the most from this tough, colorful, long blooming staple of the fall and spring garden. (And wherever we say “pansies” we include violas too!)

1. Color Selection

If you prefer specific color combinations when planting pansies, buy them early! Plant growers who supply retail plant stores produce a certain amount of plants in any season, and pansies are no exception. Once your favorite color is sold out, that’s it.

2. They’ll Establish Better

The soil is still nice and warm from summer, but the nights are getting cooler. This combination is ideal for healthy root growth in plants. Healthy roots means stronger plants!

3. Better Winter Survival

Pansies planted early in the season get extra weeks or even months to develop strong root systems before winter cold hits and root growth slows or stops. Having a better root system gives pansies an edge for winter survival. Many times pansies planted in November or later don’t all survive.

4. More Color Next Spring

Better root growth=stronger plants=better winter survival=more pansies next spring=tons of spring color!