Where do I start?!?

Jeanine and team,
I honestly don’t know how to express how happy we are with the backyard.  The entire process from your design to Rose and Mike pulling out of the driveway today were beyond my expectations.  Well, let me back up a bit….I have had very high expectations and for several years have tried to find a person, a team, a company, anyone to help me with my yard.  But people wouldn’t show up, wouldn’t call me back, wouldn’t come up with a design, wouldn’t take charge, etc.

New Garden has done everything I was dreaming of.  Thank you for your amazing design, taking into consideration everything we said we were looking for.  I appreciated your thoughtfulness to our requirements, the photos you showed us of the plants you were proposing , and the discussion about different options for varying costs and installation timelines.

And then Rose and Mike came for the installation.  First of all, they are both so incredibly nice and easy to talk to.  And then their work ethic and talent….where do I start?!?  They got here early every day and would have worked past dark if possible.  All the beds look amazing but it’s not just the attention to detail and the level of perfection with the beds and the plantings.  It’s the little things like, cleaning up at the end of the day, worrying about my dog and making sure he’s safe, moving the storage bin for us 12 times because we forgot to get it out of the way.

And then in the last 10 minutes they were here today, Rose says “oh, I’m thinking we’ll dig up that dead laurel in the front yard”.  Not in the scope of work at all.  But what customer service and what an example of "going beyond”.  And then I see Mike blowing leaves from the lawn.  I can’t even believe there are people out there who go to such lengths to do an outstanding job.

Finally, I have found a group of people I like (a lot), can trust, AND do a great job.
Thank you.  I look forward to a long relationship and a beautiful yard.

Holt and Matt (and Stevie)
(via email)