Classic Cobble + circle kit

A traditional pillow-edge softens any design created with Classic Cobble. Also available as a circle kit.

Classic Cobble available colors

English Cobble + circle kit

The English Cobble paver is an aged-finish cobble paver with a refined, weathered appearance.

English Cobble available colors


Carriage Stone

With a rustic finish, Carriage Stone evokes "old-world" charm.

Carriage Stone available colors

Holland Stone

Holland Stone can be used as an accent course or border for other paver styles, or on its own to create classic, timeless patterns .

Holland Stone available colors

Accent colors


Terrace Stone

With the look of slate, Terrace Stone is ideal for patios and walkways. It is similar to but dimensionally smaller than York Tile.


Terrace Stone available colors

York Tile

A slate-faced tile similar to Terrace Stone, York Tile is more dimensionally dramatic.

York Tile available colors



An open grid, permeable paver.

Turfstone available colors