Sow the Seeds for a Fall Vegetable Harvest

Fall is a second season for harvesting vegetables, especially the super-healthy leafy greens. For the “second harvest”, plant your seeds in summer according to the chart below, or plant transplants as soon as they become available. Remember, it is very important to keep your newly planted seeds or transplants watered while it’s still summer-hot.

If you’re sowing or planting where you had spring veggies, add some more compost or manure, or organic fertilizer to replenish the nutrients your tomatoes and peppers needed to grow. All of these vegetables will also grow quite happily in containers, and the kales and colorful Swiss chard and red mustard are quite ornamental.

Many of the leafy greens grow better as the temperatures begin to drop in fall, and will survive the first light frosts until a killing frost finishes them. Others, like cabbage, kale and Brussels sprouts, will survive temperatures into the low 20s, getting sweeter and better tasting after a few freezes, and can even be harvested for holiday cooking.

When to direct-sow vegetable seeds for fall harvest:

July (15-31) Aug (1-15) Aug(15-31) Sept (1-15)
Broccoli Broccoli Broccoli Endive
Brussels Sprouts Beet Beet Kale
Carrot Cabbage Cabbage Kohlrabi
Collards Carrot Bok Choi Leek
Collards Endive Lettuce (leaf)
Bok Choi Kale Mustard
Kohlrabi Kohlrabi Radish
Mustard Lettuce (leaf) Turnip
Radish Mustard
Rutabaga Radish
Spinach Rutabaga
Turnip Spinach

A great fall harvest begins in summer!

A great fall harvest begins in summer!