June 2018-Garrett Dreyer

Congratulations Garrett!

Congratulations Garrett!

Garrett has proven time and time again to rise to the occasion and learn with gracefulness. He certainly has the qualities which support "The New Garden Way". His capability in being able to learn and overcome obstacles is what makes Garrett so valuable.

Garrett has been a valuable crew member since August 2017 , and has demonstrated his ability to learn quickly not only his job duties but also has shown us foreman qualities by taking initiative, being responsible, and indulging himself in his work. Tim states "He knows that just like the plants that he works on he will never quit growing in this industry," and has high expectations for himself and his work. When it comes down to it Garrett Dreyer surely bleeds green with New Garden.

Garrett is originally from up north but loves the landscape and gardening of the south. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife, a cold drink and a long book. We are very proud to have Garrett on our Horticultural team and look forward to helping him continue to grow with us.









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