July 2017-Bobby Hockenberry

Congratulations Bobby!

Congratulations Bobby!

Bobby came to New Garden in February of 2017, and has gone above and beyond at our new account, Whitestone Retirement Community. He and his crew member, Tate Chucales, report directly to the job site each day.

His ability to maintain not only the property, but the relationships with all of the homeowners, tenants and staff has been a proven success! We receive accolades from the Executive Director, the Facilities Director and staff about Bobby’s work, attitude and commitment. His dedication to this property has helped New Garden solidify this account and has brought in numerous extra billable opportunities.

In his off time, he likes to travel with his wife, Rhonda, to visit his children, grandchildren and family. He enjoys woodworking and like all of us here at New Garden, working in his yard.



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