February 2017-Ann Tangedal

Congratulations Ann!

The New Garden Employee of the Month for February is Ann Tangedal. She started with New Garden in March 2010 at the Gazebo.

Ann is a very hard working team player. She’s always on top of her area in perennials and always thinking of how she can help others in their department.  She will out perform any 20 year old guy you put beside her. Ann’s customer service is impeccable, and she has many customers who refuse to work with anyone else but her.  She maintains our perennial display “gardens”, orders and manages the perennials; and has a great working knowledge of all of the plants in the garden center.  She is truly interoperable.  Above all, she is a great friend to all who work with her; bringing a smile and a bit of Swedish culture with her to work everyday.


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